treated the decorative plaster with primer

Fiberglass wallpapers are waterproof so they are easy to clean. Their anti-allergenic properties mean that mold spores and other allergens cannot settle on them. This wallpaper is extremely strong and durable. This wallpaper can be used on walls older than 30 years old with very small cracks. Another advantage of fiberglass wallpaper is its resistance to fire. It is therefore often used in public areas.

Our consultants will assist you in choosing the right color for your home. There are a variety of colors available for paint for glass, from pastel to saturated. There are many options for color, so you can find the right option for every room in your apartment or home. The beauty of the coloring combination is its stability. It remains the same color in all conditions. Fiberglass paint is stable and glasvezelbehang schilderen does not lose its saturation when exposed to moisture.

Any batch of goods can be delivered by our online store. We work with companies and construction firms that do internal repairs in buildings, whether residential or public.

A person should take care of the appearance of walls and ceilings in their rooms. People painted cave vaults in the Stone Age. In the Middle Ages they made tapestries. In the Baroque period, they covered walls with silk. These technologies required the use of plot images or ornaments. Plain walls were not possible. People began to change their views on wall color and ornamentation only in Art Deco. The first white room was seen by the public in 1925 at the Le Corbusier Exhibition. Bauhaus artists suggested functionality as a new way to design interiors. The new attitude towards housing was reflected in the symbolism of plain, bright walls.

At first, this was only for the most luxurious and well-designed apartments. The walls were perfectly aligned, and the walls were painted in rich, clean colors. This was a testimony to the owner’s good taste and willingness to make temporary sacrifices in order to preserve material. Preparing the walls for painting requires the expertise of the best painters. It takes a little longer than wallpapering to make them smooth. However, the result exceeds all expectations.

We can now breathe a sigh relief and speak directly about cullet. This wallpaper is high-tech and offers many benefits. It is widely used for interior decoration. Fiberglass wallpapers were originally used for office decoration in Russia. However, they are now very popular in interior design.

Recently, glass fiber was introduced to the Russian market. This is a relatively new material for wall decoration that has been used successfully in other countries for approximately 50 years. This success can be attributed to the exterior diversity of the material, attractive patterns, unlimited color options, and invincible strength. Fiberglass is more rigid than light-sensitive floorings like drywall boards and rigid foam boards. After gluing fiberglass, the surface is strong and won’t crack. You can drive nails into it with screws.

Glass fiber is a decorative wall covering that looks similar to fiberglass fabric. First, a special glass is used to make the fibers. Then, yarns of different thicknesses and types are formed. Finally, the material is woven. Quartz sand and soda are the raw materials used to make glass wall. Lime, lime and dolomite are also good for the environment.