Flying with a vape device: what the airlines say

Travel insurance protects you from emergency medical treatment costs if you become ill or are injured abroad. It also covers your return to the UK via air ambulance vape Dubai if medically necessary. We took a quick look at the guidance for the top 20 airlines serving all destinations on our list, and we found the rules on transporting vape kits to be pretty similar across all operators.

Whether you fly Ryanair or Emirates, you can never put your vape in hold luggage. Vapes should always be in your carry-on luggage. Most airlines require you to store your vape in a separate carry case within your bag, so there’s no risk of it being activated during your flight.

A few airlines go further than this. KLM asks you to remove every battery from your vape and keep them in a separate carry-case. If you haven’t got a case, you’re expected to seal the ends of each battery with non-conductive tape, then carry the batteries separately in a clear plastic bag (see KLM’s e-cig rules here). We sell a range of flight-ready cases on our site — look at our vape cases page to see what’s in stock!

You will quickly notice that many tax-free shops are available at Dubai International Airport. Although smoking is allowed in Dubai, there are some restrictions. It is easy to see how clean and tidy Dubai is. You must observe the rules at these places. Dubai has many sights, including the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Frame. You cannot smoke inside the eyes, although this seems quite logical. However, you can smoke outside in designated areas of vape Dubai. You may, for example, smoke in the area at the Burj Khalifa’s foot.

There are many places where ashtrays can be found. You must only smoke in these places. It is easy to see why it is so neat. The hotels prohibit smoking. The exceptions are the terrace or swimming pool. Nearly all hotels have a smoking area. This is where you can smoke your cigarettes. Smoking in most shopping malls, such as The Dubai Mall, is legal. However, it would be best not to throw your ash or cigarettes on the ground.

Dubai does not allow this. Since then, vaping and the use of electronic cigarettes has been authorized. You should remember that vaping is not the same as cigarette smoking. Vaping is not permitted in areas where you can smoke. E-cigarettes and vapers are allowed onboard most flights. Emirates allows electronic cigarettes to be carried on board. You can only take a vaper on the flight as hand baggage and not as checked baggage.

Also, you must turn off your electronic cigarette completely. It would be best to pack each battery in its safe pouch. Hand baggage is not permitted for liquids or liquids. They are not allowed in hand baggage. These pages are frequently updated and will provide you with the essential information before you travel to a country that is not your home.