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Open pit mining requires different skills and equipment than underground mining. Many porphyry deposits can be large. Some are found near the surface, while others are deeper. These deposits have been mined using large equipment. These deposits can reach great depths, but are usually narrow. They are also mined underground using smaller equipment.

After the mine has been excavated, the minerals are processed. This depends on what material was extracted. According to the flowsheet, testing and design in the FS, the crushing and process facility will be constructed. The first step in the processing Richard Warke west Vancouver of ore is to understand the mineralogy. This includes metallurgical test for crushing, grinding, and recovery of metals.

The FS includes environmental factors, and has assessed the impact on the ecosystem of building the new mine. The FS must also determine the quantities and qualities of the ore to be extracted, as well the tailings. It will have to consider the acidity and deleteriousness of the metals and the wastes.

In the FS, you will also find the volume and amount of the water used for the operation as well as whether or not the water requires long-term processing. The FS may be required in some countries to support the application for mining permits.

Environmental Management System, or EMS, is a management tool that includes environmental responsibilities and procedures. This will allow the company to comply with the environmental laws, determine technical and economical benefits and implement corporate environmental policies.

These companies have established comprehensive EMSs on their current sites. However, they require the input of governments, international organizations for environmental protection, educational facilities and the mining companies themselves.

In the mine planning, decisions are made about accommodation for workers. This will impact not only their quality of living but also how they interact with local communities. Mine camps are either commuter or community-based, depending on where the mine is located and its remoteness.

Employee satisfaction, morale, and motivation are all influenced by the quality of their accommodation. Not only is this important to safety and productivity but it also affects recruitment and retention. The accommodation strategy will have an impact on the potential value of the community if it is located close to the proposed mine.

When mines are in remote locations or are facing significant economic, socio-political and other adversities, decisions regarding employee housing become more complex. It is important that the mine company understands the complexity of the local planning issues, and takes into consideration the economic, political, and social implications.

Surface mining can be defined as a category of mining that involves the removal of the rock and soil overlying a mineral deposit. More than two-thirds (or more) of global mineral production each year is extracted through surface mining. The mining industry prefers surface mining, as it’s more efficient to use the land to expose the mineral deposits below than to build tunnels and mine shafts.

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